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This is a Wiki expressly designed to not only catalogue elements from the official Minecraft game, but also to catalogue items from various Mods that authors have made for the game.
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Build with style

Build your own house with machines, electricity or even with magic!


There is always more than 1 possibility in the universe of minecraft.

The End of story?

Are you sure you have explored the world of minecraft completely?

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Exotic Mobs

Encounter these unique monsters in the universe of minecraft.

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Minecraft 1.7.5 is firmly in place as the current version, and this Wiki needs help to grow. Currently, we need contributors for the following tasks:

  • Uploading Grid images
  • Creating item articles
  • Maintaining item articles with new Mod releases/changes to the Vanilla version
  • Maintaining a Mod Updates section
  • Maintaining a News section
  • Improving existing articles

Please make sure that articles do no violate both Quality and Naming policies.

We also have an IRC Chat operational, please visit HuskyNet WebChat here, and enter a nickname to join us! Those using IRC clients just need to point their client to irc.huskynet.info, and join channel #minecraft.

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